We're counting the calories... are you?

29 July 2013

In April 2012 we teamed up with the Food Standards Agency, joining a pilot scheme which involved displaying calories on our menus. 4 of our cafes took part in this 6 month pilot; Odyssey - Belfast, University of Ulster - Belfast, Clondalkin - Dublin & Laharna Retail Park - Larne.

Why did you take part in the scheme? I hear you ask... Well, we have found that in recent years our customers want to be more educated on eating the right foods & planning their treats, therefore we feel that by displaying calories on our menus is another mark of excellence in our customer service standard. The pilot scheme will support our commitment to providing customers with clear information, giving them the opportunity to make a more informed choice when it comes to knowing what is best for themselves and their families.

After the pilot an independant evaluation took place to investiate the effectiveness of the scheme - the results of which have been very positive, as have the comments from our customers. Consequently we are now aiming towards rolling out the calorie information across all our cafes.