Sensational Soup

30 April 2015

Introducing this seasons range of Gourmet Soups...

Tomato & Basil*
Farmhouse Vegetable*
Chicken & Vegetable*

We believe these are not just a soup, they're a taste experience to satisfy even the hungriest of appitites, and here's why we're so proud of them;

It's made from scratch using only fresh ingredients! Even the stock... Nothing Frozen or out of a packet here!

Packed full of flavour! An adventure in a bowl, each spoonful a delicious melody of tastes and textures to satisfy any pallet.

Hand crafted to our exact requirements! We work closely with our supplier to create taste sensations the way we want them.

We're supporting local! Our soup is hand crafted by a small company in Dublin who source their ingredients from local suppliers where possible.

GM Free! We're totally natural.

Pick up your (not just a) soup & fresh bread today for £3.95/€4.50
Or add a (not just asoup to your sandwich or wrap for an extra £2.50/€2.50

*subject to availability